Adventure game


Walking adventure game with mysterious puzzles. Geolocation adventures in the city and outdoors in nature. The adventure begins.

Several adventure types
Choose from existing adventures or create your own adventure to entertain your friends.
Mysterious City Adventures
Follow the signs and clues in the city to sove the puzzles.
Natural Adventures
Get out of the nature to look for magical places, answer questions, make the excursion exciting!
Educational Adventures
Learn playfully, complete logical puzzles in interesting places, discover the wildlife around you. the knowledge around you. Nature is calling with misteries.
City Walking Adventures
Explore local attractions, test your observation, look for the small details while getting to know the city better.
How does the MisteryCity app works?
Choose and adventure you would like to play on your mobile. Download the selected adventure. Each adventure consists of several stations and these locations must be visited during the adventure. You will find information of the starting location in the description . Just go there and start the adventure.


You get a question that you have answer- Only the correct answerlet you go to next station.


Signs and traces are everywhere, look for them. Use your observation abilitiy.


Play in team with your family or friends. You should use the build in hints if you are stucked.


There is no problem if you give wrong answer. Feel free to try and get the right answer!


If you enter the right answer the app will bive you guideline for the next location.


The built-in map also helps you to find the way to the next station. Your mobile will sign if you are close enough.


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IOS mobiles App Store


Create your own adventure Web Page